Jubee Kane - Legend of Goose Holla

Atlanta based artist Jubee Kane is an artist quickly becoming known as one of the premier new talents to emerge in Hip Hop. Born and raised in neighborhood known as 'Goose Holla' in Lavonia, Georgia, small town outside Athens, Jubee Kane has made a name for himself in the streets for almost a decade with several popular mixtape and indie releases throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Rolling out his plan to stamp his name permanently in the game, with his first release in 2018, 6 Month Run. Featuring Ralo, Money Man, and Nino Brown, 6 Month Run is merely a appetizer of the music and the man Jubee Kane. His style can be best described as a southern lyrical activist whose words are meant to inform, inspire and entertain. And these are not attributes he chose to take on willingly, these traits stem from personal experiences that have molded him to be the exciting artist you see today.

Also, with his label, Trap Monsta Entertainment, Jubee Kane knows that independence and discipline are keys to success. The level of skill he possesses and his attention grabbing style is a direct reflection of his work ethic and perseverance in music. Jubee Kane goals also include being a inspiration to his community and others who can see time, grind and consistency pays off in the long run.

"I'm what you call versatile," he says. "I've worked and grinded for years to keep the dream alive." Jubee Kane reflects, "You have to realize, the south has alot of artist doing their share, making noise. They grinding real hard right now, and my goal is to KEEP the grind hard...and keep pushing the envelope of creativity."




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